Maharashtra Politics: Cast certificate of MP Navneet Rana canceled! Fake caste certificate made from forged documents


  • MP Navneet Rana got a setback from Bombay High Court
  • High Court cancels Navneet Rana’s cast certificate
  • Accused of making cast certificate through fake documents
  • Accused of making certificate through fake school documents

Independent from Amravati district of Maharashtra, often in headlines MP Navneet Rana has received a setback from the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court. The High Court has quashed the Cast Certificate (Caste Certificate) produced by Navneet Rana. It also became clear in the court that Navneet Rana had got this fake cast certificate made on the basis of forged documents. The court has also ordered to recover a fine of Rs 2 lakh from Navneet Rana for making fake documents.

what is the matter
In fact, a petition was filed in the Nagpur High Court regarding the caste certificate of MP Navneet Rana. In which it was said that Navneet Rana’s caste certificate is fake. It was also said in the petition that Navneet Rana originally hails from the Punjab province and she belongs to the Labana caste. Which is not considered in the category of schedule cast in Maharashtra.

Allegation of making fake cast certificate
It was alleged that Navneet Rana had got the cast certificate made by him. It was acquired on the basis of forged documents. He has got this fake certificate made through fake documents of the school.

Comment on Shiv Sena
MP Navneet Rana often attacks Maharashtra’s ruling Shiv Sena and its chief Uddhav Thackeray, including his family members. Recently, he also accused Arvind Sawant of threatening him. However, Arvind Sawant had denied any such allegation. He also attacked the Uddhav government fiercely in the Antilia explosive case. In an interview given to a private channel, he had also said that nothing would happen by catching small people like Sachin Vajhe. There are also mastermind people like Uddhav Thackeray behind them. Action should be taken against them.

MP Navneet Rana got a setback from Bombay High Court


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