Lord Ganesha emerged on the stem of Peepal in Ayodhya, people are coming from far and wide to worship

Sakshi Srivastava, Ayodhya
There is such a Peepal tree in Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh, with which people come from far away to take photos and ask for vows. This tree is planted on the side of Ayodhya-Allahabad road in Hridaipur village of Bikapur police station area of ​​the district. People have religious sentiments associated with this tree because the idol of Lord Ganesha is embossed on the trunk of this Peepal tree. People say that this statue has emerged on the tree about seven years ago.

Earlier, only the people around knew about this statue, but later this thing spread far and wide. Now people from far and wide also come here to see the Peepal tree and ask for a vow. Devotees also take photographs with Ganesh ji emerging on the tree. The people of the village have colored the idol of Ganesha to make it clear. Along with this, a paved platform has also been made under the tree. Wearing a flower-garland to the statue, it has been made ready for darshan.

Worship is done considering the grace of Ganesh ji
Devotees worship it here considering it to be the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The people of the village say that the emergence of the idol of Ganesha in this tree is an auspicious sign for the people. Women come here every morning and evening to worship and ask for vows. Villagers told that every Saturday a special event is organized here.


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