Look at the government! Becoming ‘Khatron Ki Khiladi’, the brave daughters are drawing water from the well for the family

In a village facing drinking water crisis in Betul, MP, small girls are putting their lives at risk by getting down in the well and filling water. The problem of water is so serious that the villagers are forced to drink the dirty water from the well. Villagers have appealed everywhere for the solution of their problem but their problem is not getting resolved. This view is of village Borkhedi of Bhainsdehi development block of Betul district. There is a serious water crisis in the village. But the government officials have not taken any initiative to get rid of it.

Daughters descend into the well below 20 feet

The water crisis in Borkhedi village is so severe that the girls are forced to come out of the 20 feet deep well by risking their lives. Due to the drying up of rivers and ponds and the falling water level, the water of the well has also reached very low. People leave their daily chores and start juggling water. Daughters do this every day to quench the thirst of the family. During this, there is also a fear of untoward incidents with them.

hand pump does not work in summer

In the summer season, a hand pump installed in Borkhedi has started dying. Even after running for hours water does not come from this hand pump. After the water does not come out of the hand pump, the villagers turn to the well built one kilometer away from the village. The well water is also very dirty. Women cannot go down the well, so small village girls descend into the well and draw water from it. Women stand upstairs.

The population of the village is 600


Due to the deepening of water crisis in Borkhedi village with a population of 600, about 80 km from the district headquarters, the trouble of the villagers has increased. People of 85 households in the village are longing for water drop by drop. As soon as they wake up in the morning, the women of the house go out for water with the children. The villagers have informed the panchayat about their problem, but no solution has been found.

Danger remains in the well

About half a dozen girls descend at once to get water from the well. Due to less water, it cannot be pulled out with the help of rope. Putting their feet on the stones, the daughters descend into the well. After that, a chain is made inside the well and stands up. They take out water from the well and pass each other, then the water reaches the women standing above. Radha, who is drawing water from the well, said that I study in class X, have been drinking dirty water for the last 3 months. It is scary to go down the well but you have to go down under compulsion.

officials gave assurance

At the same time, Bhainsdehi SDM Kailash Chand Parte said that I have received information. After discussing this whole matter with the PHE department and Janpad Panchayat CEO, I have ordered to make arrangements for drinking water of the villagers immediately.


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