Local people demonstrated against the central team that reached Bengal to assess the loss of Cyclone Yas

In East Midnapore district of West Bengal’Cyclone YasAfter this, the team of the Center, which arrived to assess the damage, had to face opposition from the local people. Those protesting included local citizens who were forced to leave their homes due to the cyclone.

After the Mamata Banerjee government claimed a loss of 20 thousand crores to West Bengal due to Cyclone Yas, the central team has now reached Bengal to assess the damage. Locals raised slogans against the central team and asked them to settle in pucca houses.

The team interacted with the officials of the local administration
The team, which reached Bengal under the leadership of SK Shahi, visited the areas of Digha, Shankarpur and Tajpur on Tuesday. At the same time, the team that reached the area of ​​​​Mandarmani had to face opposition. The team members also interacted with the officials of East Midnapore administration here. Team officials said the damage reported by the local people is being included in the report.

Huge damage in more than 25 blocks
Officials of the local administration told the team in the meeting that more than 25 blocks of East Midnapore and Digha Shankarpur have been affected due to the cyclone. Apart from this, agriculture has also suffered extensive damage. The central team also visited the area at Digha beach where a wall on the sea coast was damaged due to the storm. Here the team members also interacted with the local fishermen and inquired about the damage.


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