Leadership change is going to happen in MP? Two big leaders of BJP clarified on secret meeting


  • Is khichdi cooking again in MP politics?
  • How much power is there in talk of leadership change?
  • Why are the big leaders of BJP coming forward and giving clarification now?
  • Sangh and organization people are active in Bhopal for a week

Like in UP, secret meetings of the government and the people of the organization are going on in MP too. Along with this, many types of discussions are also going on in the political corridors. Seeing the round of meetings, people have also started speculating about leadership change. Such news was going on for many days. To put an end to these, two big leaders of BJP Kailash Vijayvargiya and MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra have a clarification. Narottam has said that only CM Shivraj will remain our CM in MP.

Actually, these discussions have started with the presence of BJP General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya in Bhopal. Kailash was camping in Bhopal and meeting different leaders of the party. Along with this, big leaders of RSS and organization were also camping in Bhopal and meetings were going on in them. Along with this, State President VD Sharma also met CM Shivraj after meeting different leaders in Bhopal. Along with this, co-organization minister Shiv Prakash had also met different leaders in Bhopal. Union Minister Prahlad Patel was also present during the meeting.

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Along with this, senior party leader Prabhat Jha had also met Narottam Mishra in the past. At the same time, at the residence of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar in Delhi. BJP leaders meeting Had happened. There was no clarification from the party on these meetings but speculations had started during the times. Speculations were being made whether there was going to be a leadership change in MP. Now the clarification of Home Minister Narottam Mishra and BJP General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya has come on this issue.

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Shivraj will remain CM
On these speculations, Home Minister Narottam Mishra said that BJP is completely united in MP under the leadership of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and BJP state president VD Sharma. Shivraj Singh Chouhan was the Chief Minister, is the Chief Minister and will remain the Chief Minister. Do not base Facebook and WhatsApp on such speculations. There is nothing like this in the state.

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At the same time, BJP General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya said that whatever the media make up a story, the news that is coming, there is no power in it, everything is rubbish. This is a normal mail meeting. In the era of Kovid, people have less work, so reconciliation is making the relationship sweet. There is no talk of leadership change. The state will run only under the leadership of Shivraj Singh Chouhan. In his name, Kailash said that I have just moved to another place.


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