Kids diet: Increase children’s immunity before the third wave of corona, feed them these 5 things at home instead of junk food

The havoc of the corona virus continues even today, while doctors say that the third wave may also come soon, in which children are most at risk. The increasing risk of infection and the non-availability of vaccines force us to take care of the immune system of children. One of the easiest ways to strengthen the immune system is for parents to include nutritious food in their child’s plate. A good diet affects your child’s development and health.

Recently, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar and her team shared a video on Instagram to increase immunity in children. In this one hour long conversation, the experts discussed topics like essential foods which should be fed to children. If you have small children at home or you are a parent yourself, then with these important tips mentioned here, you can not only increase the immunity of your children but also protect them from the coming danger.

feed local fruit

Try to include at least one seasonal and one local fruit in your child’s diet. If they do not like it then do not force them to eat it, but try to eat a piece of it. This will lead to the development of good bacteria in the stomach, which will improve the immune system of the child.

Laddu or Halwa

It is very important for everyone to eat something healthy and nutritious between 4 pm and 6 pm. Offering some sweet and simple food like roti, ghee and jaggery rolls or sooji pudding or ragi ladoos can help them stay energized. It takes care of their overall health and immunity. It takes care of the fluctuations of cortisol in children.


Easy to digest and tasty rice is very important to include in children’s diet. Rice is a rich source of protein. Rice contains many healthy nutrients, the most important of which is the presence of all types of amino acids. Dal-rice and ghee are the best options for dinner.

pickle or chutney

Give homemade pickle-chutney or murabba daily to the children. These side dishes will help their gut bacteria thrive, boost their immunity and help them stay happy.

cashew nuts

A handful of cashews in between meals will help keep babies active and energized. Cashews contain micro-nutrients, which reduce body pain and pain.

Learn from experts how to increase your child’s immunity

fix their bedtime

Ignoring sleep time can directly affect our immunity. Good sleep plays an important role in maintaining our immune system and health. It also reduces the risk of obesity and junk food cravings. Children who do not have a fixed bedtime, their immune system is mostly weak. The bedtime should be fixed around 10 pm.

save baby from junk food

Save your child from all kinds of processed or junk food. These food items are full of trans fat and contain fewer nutrients. They often lead to weight gain and do not nourish the body. Even every packaged food that says that they are healthy, they are not actually there.

physical activity

Being physically active is another important lifestyle habit, which helps you stay fit and active. Exercising or meditation boosts metabolism and reduces the risk of recurrence of chronic diseases. Children should be engaged in small household chores, so that they remain active. If you want, you can get their room cleaned and bring yourself a glass of water, etc.


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