Kanpur: Hallet Hospital updated the portal in two days with 51 deaths .. Health department is playing in the death figures from Corona!

The second wave of corona virus has given such wounds to Kanpur, which cannot be repaired. What is even more sad is that the health department has started playing the death statistics game. How many deaths occurred in the second wave of Corona, it remains a mystery. After the second wave of infection has stopped, the health department is updating the retail death figures in the portal. Hallett Hospital has updated the figures of 51 deaths in the last two days. When did these deaths happen? No one has any information about this.

There was not a single death from Corona in Kanpur on Monday, but in the evening, 42 deaths were recorded from Kanpur in the portal. Similarly, on Sunday, 9 deaths were updated in the portal. The Health Department has also done the work of hiding the number of infected patients from this level. The number of infected patients in the portal is also being updated in retail.

The report of the municipal corporation opened the poll of health department
The Health Department says that during the second wave of Corona, 888 deaths occurred in Kanpur between April 1 and June 5. There was a hue and cry in Kanpur about the death toll. On the instructions of the district administration, when the Municipal Corporation prepared the report of the deaths, shocking figures came out.

Bhairavghat cremation of corona infected dead bodies in Kanpur electric crematorium And Bhagwat Das was being done in the electric crematorium. Between April 1 and June 5, 2397 dead bodies were cremated under the Corona protocol in both the electric crematoriums sent from Kovid hospitals. These figures surprised everyone.

scene of devastation
When the second wave of corona was at its peak, patients were not getting beds and oxygen. Patients were dying on the doorsteps of hospitals. There were long queues of dead bodies at the crematoriums. There were long lines at oxygen plants. Patients were not getting medicines and oximeter, oxygen flow.


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