Kanpur Accident: 17 bodies reached the village together, there was chaos, the family of the dead would get 9 lakh compensation

Sumit Sharma, Kanpur
In Kanpur, 18 people have been confirmed dead in a double-decker bus-tempo collision. After the postmortem on Wednesday morning, when 17 bodies reached the village together, there was chaos. There was shouting all around, the mournful noise could be heard even outside the village. The police administration wanted to get the bodies cremated soon. But the relatives of the deceased started creating ruckus about the compensation of 10 lakhs. In view of the apprehension of ruckus, heavy force was deployed. Administrative officials pacified the families of the deceased after explaining them.

The district administration officials explained to the families of the deceased that two lakh rupees would be given by the state government, two lakh rupees by the central government and five lakh rupees under the farmer insurance scheme. The family of the deceased will get a compensation of Rs 09 lakh. After this assurance, the bodies were sent to Bithoor for the last rites by tractor trolleys. The administration also took the responsibility of performing the last rites of the dead.

There was a horrific accident on Tuesday night
On Tuesday night, a double-decker bus and tempo collided head-on near Kisan Nagar in Sachendi police station area. The accident was so painful that the tempo got blown up. The police, with the help of local people, carried out a rescue operation and got the bodies trapped in the tempo out. The bodies of the deceased were sent for postmortem. The injured were admitted to Hallett Hospital.

villagers turned furious
In this painful accident, 13 bodies were from Lalepur village, and four four were from Ishwariganj village. Thousands of villagers gathered as soon as the dead bodies arrived. Seeing the fierce form of the villagers, the police deployed additional forces. Administrative officer and BJP MLA Abhijit Singh Sanga kept trying to convince the families of the deceased. But the family and villagers did not agree for the last rites. When the administrative officers assured them of getting compensation, then the family agreed to perform the last rites.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had announced to give two lakh rupees each to the families of the deceased after this accident. Along with this, he expressed grief over the accident. But the relatives of the deceased said that the compensation amount should be increased.


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