Kamala Harris on Coronavirus: What help from US to India? Vice President Kamala Harris’s commentary on the Corona situation in India

Kamala Harris on Coronavirus: What help from US to India?  Vice President Kamala Harris’s commentary on the Corona situation in India

Washington: The second wave of corona has taken its toll on India, with the number of patients increasing day by day. India is receiving help from all over the world as the health system is inadequate in many places due to the growing number of patients. US Vice President Kamala Harris was speaking today about the Corona crisis in India, after President Joe Biden held talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, but Biden has since been busy.

“We have already delivered refillable oxygen cylinders to India. We have also sent oxygen concentrators. In addition, the US has provided India with N95 masks as well as doses of remedisvir for the treatment of covid patients. We are ready to provide further assistance in view of the current crisis,” Harris said.


“We support the opening up of proprietary rights to vaccines and drugs made in the United States to help India and some other countries in the vaccination campaign,” Kamala said. India and the United States of America have the highest number of corona cases. We were running out of hospital beds when Corona’s outbreak spread, at a time when India had sent help. Today India needs help so we are ready to help.

“We are doing our best to help health workers and frontline workers in India who are battling the second wave of the corona virus,” said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. In the last few days, the US has also provided India with the medical supplies it needs. US ally India is currently going through the Corona epidemic. We are helping the Indian Front as much as possible. The U.S. Air Force has delivered several tons of essential medical supplies from three C-5 Super Galaxy aircraft and one C-17 Globemaster 3 aircraft, he said.

Global vaccination will gain momentum

The US decision is expected to accelerate the global vaccination program. This is because vaccine companies in developing countries like India can now produce corona vaccines without paying royalties. Also, due to this decision of the US, US companies will now be able to produce the indigenous vaccine Covacin.

Developing countries like India will benefit the most from the US decision to open up intellectual property rights in corona vaccine manufacturing. So the way is now open for developing companies to produce vaccines for American companies. While the Corona crisis is raging in some countries like India, the US decision is somewhat reassuring. This will make it easier to produce and distribute vaccines worldwide.


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