Jodhpur: Black handiwork of Kalyugi teachers, the respect of minors of wire and wire


  • Teacher’s heinous act embarrassed the relationship of Guru-disciple
  • A case of rape of a minor came to the fore in the school premises.
  • The case of Shergarh police station area happened in the second week of March
  • Police engaged in investigation of rape in government school premises

Jodhpur, Lalita Vyas
The dignity and human feelings of relationships are as if people have forgotten. Its hallmark has once again been seen in Rajasthan. Here a shameful incident has come to light from Shergarh Tehsil of Jodhpur, which has strained the relationship of Guru and disciple. Here, two teachers of a government school have come to the fore of making an innocent victim of their lust in the temple of education. The incident is said to have happened in the second week of March. When the family came to know about this incident, the ground slipped from under their feet. The victim’s father has lodged a case with Shergarh police station. At present, the police is involved in the investigation of the whole matter.

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The incident happened in the second week of March.
In the FIR, the family members of the victim told that their minor daughter was studying in Baba’s Nimbdi Mokam Garh Government Upper Primary School of Shergarh police station area. During this, teachers Surjaram and Sahiram have committed a heinous act like raping his minor daughter in the school premises itself. The father told that during the incident, two teachers carried out the incident of raping the girl.

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Case registered under these sections
On the complaint of the victim’s father, the police have started investigation by registering a case under sections 342 and 376 DA of the Indian Penal Code and section 5FG6 of POCSO. Vritt CO Balesar Rajuram is involved in the investigation of the case. At present, the minor has been sent to Jodhpur for medical examination, but this incident has shocked the entire Jodhpur. Now questions are being raised about such mentality of two teachers in the temple of education, while people are also saying that after coming to the fore of such news, how can one think about promoting girl child education.

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