Jammu-Kashmir news: Vayan of Jammu and Kashmir becomes the first village in the country to have vaccination of all adults

Wayan village in Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir has become the first village in the country where all adults have been given a dose of Kovid-19 vaccine. A total of 362 adults live in Wayan village and all have been vaccinated, officials said. The credit for this goes to the health workers whose hard work and tireless efforts have made this village the center of discussion across the country.

A health department official said that Wayan village is located only 28 km from Bandipora district headquarters, but health workers had to walk about 18 km to reach there.

Families go to heights to graze animals
The official said that the task of vaccinating all the adults in the village was even more difficult as there are some nomadic families living in the village who go to higher places to graze their animals.

Online registration not done due to internet
Bashir Ahmed Khan, Chief Medical Officer of Bandipora district, while explaining the problems faced by the health workers during the vaccination campaign, said that there is no internet facility in the village, so the people living there need to be vaccinated like the people living in the cities. Online registration was not possible.

70% vaccination of those above 45
The COVID vaccination campaign in the village was implemented under the ‘Jammu-Kashmir model’, a 10-point strategy to vaccinate the entire eligible population at a rapid pace. In J&K, despite initial hesitation among the people regarding the Kovid vaccine, about 70 percent of the people in the age group of 45 and above have been given the vaccine dose, which is twice the national average.

Commenting on the achievement of Wayan village, Yatish Yadav, Media Adviser, Government of Jammu and Kashmir said that the vaccination campaign is being intensified further in the Union Territory.


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