Jammu Kashmir News: Pakistan is again playing against India! Army deployment increased on Poonch border, also installed big weapons

Govind Chauhan, Jammu
Pakistan has increased the deployment of army along the border with Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from this, big weapons have also been installed on the border. Helicopter movements were also seen in the area. It is feared that Pakistan is preparing to play some big move against India. However, in view of this, Indian soldiers have increased security on the border. So that, if there is any loss from Pakistan side, it can be given a strong answer.

According to the information, movement is being seen across the LoC of Poonch district for a few days. It is seen that soldiers are being deployed in some villages from Pakistan side. People are being evacuated from the village and sent to other places. Soldiers equipped with modern weapons are being deployed in these villages. Big weapons are being brought in. Apart from this, goods are also being brought to this area by helicopter.

Suddenly there was a stir in the area
There has been a stir in this area at once, in view of which the army has also increased its level of deployment in this direction. So far, no official information is being given about this, but sources related to the army say that some action is being taken by Pakistan in this area. Let us tell you that this year there was a discussion regarding ceasefire, after which no action was done on the border from either side. Despite this, firing has been done on the border last month from Pakistan side.

Soldiers have been barred from working. Now this type of move is being seen in Poonch district from Pakistan side. Although it was said from the Pakistan side that a joint exercise would be conducted in the village, but according to the way the deployment is being done or big weapons are being brought, it is clear that some trick is being worked from Pakistan side. .


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