Jammu And Kashmir: A country-made bomb attacked outside the house of a woman sarpanch in Rajouri, people shocked by the blast, police engaged in investigation

Govind Chauhan, Jammu
A woman sarpanch’s house was attacked in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir. The blast happened outside the house. There was no casualty but one motorcycle was damaged. Police reached the spot and started investigation. It is being told that some country-made bomb has been attacked. Police have registered a case and started further action. The police team went to the spot with the FSL, so that the evidence could be collected.

According to the information, the house of Sushma Kumari, Sarpanch of Underola Panchayat of Rajouri district was attacked late in the night. Somebody threw a bomb towards the house. The family members were sleeping inside at that time. People came out after hearing the sound of the blast. People saw smoke on the spot. It was seen that someone had attacked the house. Police was informed. The police team reached the spot in the morning. During investigation, it was found that the house was targeted and attacked. The country bomb fell in the courtyard and there was a loud explosion.

From the shrapnel found on the spot, it seems that there was a country-made bomb, which was thrown from outside. Police registered a case in this regard. A stove and a motorcycle were damaged in the blast. There are shrapnel on the walls too. The police has started the work of questioning many people regarding this matter. In order to know for what purpose the attack was carried out? These types of attacks are common in Kashmir, but after the attack targeting the house of the sarpanch in Rajouri of Jammu division, questions have been raised for the agencies.

Let us tell you that two days ago, Rajouri police had recovered a terrorist hideout from the forest. A large quantity of weapons were recovered from the spot. It was clear from him that there was a terrorist movement in the district. After that the attack seems to be clear.


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