Jaipur News: Why Mayor Saumya Gurjar was suspended? UDH Minister Dhariwal told

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Mayor of Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation Soumya Gurjar, and the UDH minister who came to Kota on Monday in connection with the suspension of three councilors by the government Shanti Dhariwal He has given statements. He said that those who have been suspended have been found completely guilty in the investigation of the government. Also, Dhariwal said that those who have to go to court. He can go. The doors of the court are open to all. He also said that this is the first such incident in the history of the civic body. Which has been exposed in the investigation conducted by the government.
After the suspension of Soumya Gurjar, now the command of Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation is given to Sheel Dhabhai.
UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal said that those found guilty have abused the officer, assaulted him, humiliated him in caste terms. There has been a push and it has come to the fore in all investigations. Describing the seriousness of the matter, Minister Dhariwal said that the government also ignores minor incidents in such a way that there is a cordial atmosphere in the municipal bodies and municipal corporations, but the kind of matter that has happened in Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation is for the first time in history. Has happened. The crime is serious.
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It is worth mentioning that the state government on Sunday night had accused the Mayor of Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation, Soumya Gurjar, and the councilors of abusing, hurling abuses at commissioner Yagya Mitra Dev Singh during the meeting on Friday. The quarrel took place between the mayor and the commissioner over the garbage collection company. In which the government swung into action and the mayor and the councilors were suspended with immediate effect.

On the instructions of UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal, orders for suspension and removal have been issued by DLB on the basis of section 39 (6) of Rajasthan Municipal Act 2009. While Mayor Soumya Gurjar has termed the suspension of the government without any evidence and hearing as a wrong action. The mayor has also spoken about going to the court after taking opinion from the party organization. Clarifying the stand of the government and the Department of Health, Dhariwal, on the matter of going to the court on behalf of the BJP and their side, Minister Dhariwal has said that those who want to go to the court can go. The doors of the court are open to all, the government does not stop anyone.

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