Jaipur: Lockdown, liquor party till 2 o’clock in the night, then friend left on the highway, gave lifelong pain to the girl on deserted roads

How crime dominates in Rajasthan can be gauged from the recent incident. Women are not safe even in the capital Jaipur. The incident happened at 2 pm on Sunday night, which was revealed on Monday. According to the information received, on Sunday night, two miscreants in the car made a victim of a 22-year-old girl returning from the hotel after partying. They had taken the victim to a secluded area on the pretext of giving her a lift, where they all raped her one by one. After the incident, the victim somehow reached Bhankrota police station with the help of passersby. On the complaint of the victim, the police have registered a case against the accused, medical treatment of the victim is being done.

The girl’s friend left her on the way.
The information received from the victim girl, she along with her friends had gone to a hotel near the non-violence circle in the C scheme. Had a liquor party with friends here. At around 2:30 in the night, friend Rakshit asked him to go to Bhankrota for some work. They both went towards Bhankrota. But there was an altercation between the two on the 200 feet bypass. After this, Rakshit left him midway and left. Two youths were listening to their argument, when the girl’s friend left from there, then these young men forcibly took the girl to a secluded place in the car and gang-raped her.

Party in the hotel in lockdown, question on the functioning of the police?
Where this gang rape incident of capital Jaipur is shocking people. At the same time, the question is also arising that despite the strict lockdown in the state due to the Corona epidemic, how was a restaurant finally open till 2 o’clock. At the same time, even in the late night blockade, the police did not stop them anywhere. At the same time, despite the police patrol late in the night, such a heartbreaking incident happened.


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