Jabalpur News: Youth Congress to save Dumna, chipko movement against BJP MP’s project

of Jabalpur in MP Dumna Nature Park The opposition to the construction of the Sports City Complex has started right now. Youth Congress protested against it in Dumna area a day before World Environment Day. Chipko Movement organized. Youth Congress says that Dumna is the only forest area in Jabalpur. By building a sports city here, there will be deforestation and wild animals will also suffer. Sports City in Dumna The announcement of the formation has been made by the local MP Rakesh Singh.

Youth Congress workers reached Dumna Nature Park on Friday and stood by clinging to the trees. The workers of the organization also warned the MP Rakesh Singh and the administration through the agitation. He says that a large number of trees will have to be cut for its construction.

Youth Congress workers said that the sitting MP of Jabalpur has not done anything for the city till date. When it was time to do something, he chose an area where there are forests and wild animals. The workers called the announcement of the MP as their fad.

The workers of the organization gathered on Friday and stood holding the trees. He warned the administration and the MP that if the decision to build a sports city is not taken back, they would launch a violent agitation.


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