Investment Tips: Keep these things in mind before investing, otherwise there may be loss

settle the debt
First try to settle all your debts. If you have any debt at the beginning of the job, then definitely settle it. Maybe you have an education loan or some other loan that your parents have taken for your studies. First settle the debt. By doing this you will be able to focus on investing completely without worry.

rarely but definitely invest
if you think your salary is low If your expenses are high, then investment should not be postponed by thinking of it. If you want, you should definitely make the right investment. 

Keep in mind the investment period 
While investing money, keep the investment period in mind. Meaning, decide for how long you want to invest the money. Remember that many savings schemes and schemes come with a lock in period. That is, during this period you will not be able to withdraw your invested money. Therefore, while choosing a savings scheme, keep in mind the lock-in period. 

Compare Investment Options
Investment options should be compared properly before investing anywhere. You should see which scheme or scheme has given how much return over the years and whether it is safe to invest here.

Avoid big goals 
Avoid setting big goals while planning investments. Break the big goal into smaller parts. This will have two advantages- first you will be able to monitor your investment properly. Second- If your investment is not giving the right returns, then you can invest it elsewhere after sometime when it matures.

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