Indian sentenced to death in UAE, businessman released by paying one crore rupees

Kochi, Jun 9 (PTI) A 45-year-old Indian, who arrived here on Wednesday after being acquitted in a murder case in the UAE, said his release has brought a “second life” for him.

The man, Bex Krishnan, was sentenced to death for killing a Sudanese youth in a road accident in the UAE in 2012. However, eminent NRI businessman and philanthropist MA Yusuf Ali, while helping Krishnan, paid a damages of about one crore rupees, after which he was released.

Krishnan, a resident of Thrissur, was brought to the international airport here from Abu Dhabi in the early hours of Wednesday. His wife Veena and son Advaith, relatives and friends reached the airport to pick him up.

Krishnan told the media, “I was relieved when I came to know that Yusuf Ali had intervened in this matter. This is my second life. I am grateful to Yusuf Ali. He was talking to the victim’s family for several months.

Meanwhile, Ali said in a statement that he had deposited five million dirhams in an Abu Dhabi court in January after persuading the Sudanese boy’s family to pardon Krishnan.

“We had to convince both parents and it took several months,” the statement said. It was difficult in the beginning as the boy’s mother wanted the law to take its own course. It was difficult to convince Krishnan to pardon him.

In September 2012, Krishnan hit a group of children with his car, killing a Sudanese youth. After being found guilty in this case, the UAE Supreme Court sentenced Krishnan to death. Since then Krishnan’s family and his friends have been trying to get him released, but with no success. A special reason for this was also that the family of the deceased had moved to Sudan, due to which any talks on apology were put to an end.

Krishnan’s family went to Lulu Group Chairman Yusuf Ali, who inquired about the matter and asked all the parties to get in touch.

Finally, in January 2021, Krishnan was pardoned by the victim’s family in Sudan. After this Yusuf Ali deposited five lakh dirhams (about one crore rupees) in the court as compensation for the release of Krishnan.

The Lulu Group, based in Abu Dhabi, owns the Lulu Hypermarket and Shopping Mall. The group is one of the top retailers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


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