India will play! Under MNREGA, playgrounds will be built in the villages of Kanpur, work started in many places

Sumit Sharma, Kanpur
For the last several decades, there was a demand for the construction of playgrounds in rural areas in Kanpur. The craze of cricket, football, hockey and tennis has increased rapidly in rural areas. The youth of the village do not have a playground, they started playing wherever they got a place. Due to lack of playgrounds and facilities, the youth could not showcase their talent. Now the Panchayati Raj Department will build playgrounds in rural areas under Marega. After the ground is ready, it will be handed over to the youth welfare department.

There are plans to build playgrounds in 69 villages of Kanpur. Out of which the work of making grounds under Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act has also been started in 30 villages. When these grounds are ready, then the team of Mangal Dal will provide sports items including hockey, football to the youth.

India will play So India will grow
There are no playgrounds left in rural areas. The youth of the village play in this situation in the field of primary schools or in any other college field. Sometimes there is a dispute about playing in other’s land. In view of this problem, a target has been set to build playgrounds in villages. Keeping in mind the slogan of Khelega India To Badhega India, construction work has been started in 30 villages including Patara, Sherpur Bera, Bhirgaon, Shadipur, Gopalpur.

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will get kit
The Youth Welfare Department used to provide kits for various sports. Youth Welfare Department will give sports kit to the team of youth Mangaldal. Once the playgrounds are ready, they will be inaugurated by the local representatives. Panchayati Raj Officer Kamal Kishore says that this work will be expedited.


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