Indecent picture of BJP leader with Nepal’s bar girl goes viral… Said- conspiracy to defame


  • The stir in the political circles intensified after the photo went viral.
  • BJP leader said – one should not interfere in personal life
  • BJYMO regional president Vikas Dubey released the video on social media

Sumit Sharma, Kanpur
In Kanpur, the problems of BJP are not taking the name of stopping. Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha on Tuesday Regional President Vikas Dubey A pornographic photo with a bar girl has gone viral. After the photo went viral, the stir in the political circles has intensified. Vikas Dubey went on a Nepal tour two years ago. According to the information, the viral alleged picture was taken. The girl seen in the alleged picture with Vikas is said to be a bar girl. Politics has started once again after the objectionable photo of the regional president of BJYM surfaced.

Vikas Dubey Kanpur-Bundelkhand is the regional president. Two years ago, Vikas Dubey, along with regional vice president Sandeep Thakur, a tainted inspector and another accomplice, had gone for a visit to Kathmandu. During this time this photo was taken in the bar. The regional president is calling it a conspiracy of opponents. He says that the photo has been made viral with the intention of defaming. One should not interfere in one’s personal life.

BJYMO regional president Vikas Dubey has released the video through social media saying that my edited objectionable photo is going viral. I have come to know that under whose influence some journalist brothers are putting photos. I am 20 years old worker of BJP. I am not one to be afraid and will fight back. There should be a forensic examination of the photo, if someone put the photo without any investigation, then I will sue him for defamation. I have informed the state leadership about this.

BJP was divided into two factions
Vikas Dubey has a strong hold in BJP. Vikas Dubey and Sandeep Thakur are best friends. When Vikas Dubey was made the regional president of BJYM in 2018, Vikas made Sandeep Thakur the regional vice-president. After this, two factions were formed in the BJP. One group was Vikas Dubey and Sandeep Thakur, while the other faction was of Narayan Singh Bhadauria, who was the South District Minister. The factions of both used to keep trying to expose each other.

Sandeep Thakur accused of informer
On the birthday of expelled BJP leader Narayan Singh Bhadauria, the police had gone to nab history-sheeter Manoj Singh. Narayan Singh Bhadauria along with his supporters had freed professional criminal Manoj Singh from police custody. Sandeep Thakur was accused of being an informer. Actually, there is a fight for supremacy between Sandeep Thakur and professional criminal Manoj Singh.

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There were cases in student life
Regional President Vikas Dubey has been booked under serious sections in various police stations of the city since his student life. In 1996, a case was registered under the Arms Act for attempt to kill at Govind Nagar police station. After this, more than a dozen cases were registered against Vikas. After getting political patronage, Vikas Dubey Sandeep Thakur ended his cases.


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