In Rajasthan, the number of patients of black fungus increased again in a week, 128 deaths also occurred


  • After corona in the state, the number of black fungus is increasing continuously
  • Total 1848 cases, 128 active cases, 54 patients found in seven days
  • Black fungus outbreak in Bikaner

However, the pace of corona infection in the state has slowed down. But in the meantime, the increasing cases of black fungus are increasing the concern. According to the information received, at least 50 people in the state have died due to mucormycosis i.e. black fungus in the last seven days. In such a situation, now the number of deaths due to black fungus has increased from 74 to 128. Doctors claimed that patients with mucormycosis can be saved if they get treatment at an early stage. But people are coming to the hospital only after the symptoms become severe and their health deteriorates, which is increasing the risk.

Political damage control started in Rajasthan, Dharmendra Rathod, close to CM Gehlot, met Vishvendra Singh

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Patients increased to 1,848
It is noteworthy that in the last seven days, the number of mucormycosis cases in the state has increased from 1,524 to 1,848. Of these, 388 persons had both fungus and covid at the time of hospitalization. At the same time, only mucormycosis was found in 1,134 patients. The mortality rate due to mucormycosis has increased from 5 to 7 percent a week ago. In this regard, ENT specialist Dr Tarun Ojha doctors said that before covid, cases of mucormycosis were sporadic, but now these cases are increasing rapidly. Doctors say that if a patient comes to the hospital early with symptoms, his chances of recovery are quite high, but if someone comes after the condition worsens, his chances of recovery are reduced.

Former Union Minister and AICC General Secretary Bhavar Jitendra Singh also came in support of Pilot, said – the promises made should be fulfilled.

Most patients in Bikaner
According to the information received, the maximum havoc of black fungus has been seen in Bikaner in Rajasthan. Here 85 cases of mucormycosis have been reported at PBM Hospital in Bikaner. Dr Anju Kochhar of SP Medical College, Bikaner says that 77 hospitals have been given permission by the state government for mucormycosis cases. Adequate arrangements have also been made for medicines. It is important that people start treatment as soon as symptoms appear.

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