In India, these IT professionals are expected to get a 40 per cent pay hike on changing jobs

Gurgaon-based human resources consultancy firm RGF Professional Recruitment reports that during the Covid-19 epidemic & nbsp; New jobs across India & nbsp; & nbsp; have been greatly affected, & nbsp; the epidemic has & nbsp; increased & nbsp; the demand for the right talents.

RGF International Recruitment’s Salary Watch 2021: & nbsp; India Title The report said that the detrimental effects of Kovid 19 were felt in the corporate sector in India.

The report presents a comprehensive analysis of salary data collected on more than 19,000 candidates in India and provides information on compensation to employers and employees. Suggested & nbsp; estimates & benchmarking are provided to help you make decisions.

These are the main points of the report & nbsp;


In the corporate sector in India & nbsp; The widespread effects of the epidemic of Covid & nbsp; -19 & nbsp; were strongly felt, with jobs such as human resources, finance and management & nbsp; saw drastic reductions in the salaries of officers.

According to the report, & nbsp; Increasing demand for health services and pharmaceutical products has led to increased talent returns with regulatory experience (up to 8%), medical fields (7%) and manufacturing and management skills (7%). & Nbsp;

< The industry is also expected to see higher pay increases (7%) in senior employees and R&D talent in the industry, corresponding to the urgent need for experienced professionals with the skills to provide overall direction in times of change. & nbsp;

The epidemic has prompted businesses in all sectors to consider digital strategies to deal with challenging situations. From Fintech to Healthtech and eCommerce, companies of all sizes are & nbsp; continuing to go through digital transformation to provide much-needed services such as payments, medicines and groceries to the required customers.

Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, & nbsp; & Nbsp; Technical talents working in roles such as data science are expected to & nbsp; handle some of the highest wages in the field & nbsp; with an average & nbsp; ₹ 50 to લાખ 80 million per year and a pay rise of up to 40%. Sachin Kulshreshtha, Managing Director, RGF Professional Recruitment India, said hiring the right talent would not only play an important role in India’s ability to meet the current epidemic challenges, but also play a crucial role in overcoming them in the long run. p>.

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