In Corona, the doctors gave the answer, the family was not even together .. then the friend performed the duty, dragged the best friend from the mouth of death

The life of Swatantra Singh of Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, who became a victim of the epidemic in the second wave of Corona, was saved by a friend of his. In the month of April, Swatantra was hit by Corona. The situation was such that even the doctors said that his life could not be saved, but his friend Abhishek Singh Sonu was confident that his friend would not die of Corona. He asked the doctors to continue the treatment and as a result, Swatantra Singh is alive and well after defeating the corona epidemic.

oxygen label was reached 35

He gives full credit for saving his life to his friend Abhishek. In fact, on April 10, Swatantra Singh, a resident of Pratappur, got sick and got tested at a nearby hospital and it turned out to be typhoid. The doctor said that he does not have Kovid-19, but the oxygen level of Swatantra was continuously falling. There was difficulty in breathing. In such a situation, his family members were scared. He called up Swatantra’s best friend Abhishek Singh Sonu.

reached a call by phone
On a phone call, Abhishek reached directly to his friend from Salori in Prayagraj. They kept running with him in many hospitals. Due to the abundance of corona patients everywhere, the place could not be found. After this he got a place in a hospital in Jaunpur. There Swatantra’s Kovid-19 report came positive. His treatment started but his condition was not improving. Then he was shifted to a hospital in Varanasi. By then the oxygen level had reached 35.

doctors gave the answer
The team of doctors said that now there is no hope of survival. During all this, Swatantra’s friend Abhishek remained with her like a shadow. He asked the doctors to continue the treatment. At that time Prayagraj was most affected by Corona in Uttar Pradesh. There was no room in the hospitals. There were lines at the crematoriums and there was an outcry all around. Even in these circumstances, Abhishek remained engaged with his friend. From giving medicine to exercising, he helped his friend.

friendship saved life
It was this friendship that drew Swatantra Singh to death. Independent weeps while telling this. He said that Abhishek has given me a new life. He served not only me but also the patients around me. Abhishek’s family members kept stopping him but he did not listen to anyone and continued to serve his friend. Abhishek’s dedication towards friendship is getting appreciation from all. People are praising him a lot. The entire family of Swatantra is giving their blessings to Abhishek.


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