Illegal phone exchange busted in Karnataka, two arrested

Bengaluru, Jun 9 (PTI) The Anti-Terrorist Cell of Bengaluru Police and Military Intelligence have arrested two persons for running an illegal phone exchange. These accused used to convert international calls into local calls, causing huge revenue loss and threatening national security.

Police said that two SIM boxes have been found from them, from which 960 SIM cards can be used at a time.

Ibrahim Pullati, 36, from Malappuram in Kerala, and Gautam B Viswanathan (27) from Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu, police said in a statement. They had installed 32 devices in six areas of the city for this illegal activity.

This not only caused loss of revenue but also posed a serious security threat to the country, the statement said. However, it was not told yet when these two were arrested. So far, the police have not ruled out the involvement of more people in this racket.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant has decided to give a reward of Rs 30,000 to the team that arrested him.


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