‘If you want to increase something, increase employment…’ Chaiwala sent a money order of Rs 100 to PM Modi to shave

A chaiwala from Baramati, Maharashtra has sent a money order of Rs 100 to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to shave. This person named Anil More says that due to the lockdown, the work of many people has come to a standstill. Jobs have closed. He said that if the Prime Minister wants to increase anything, then increase employment.

“I am sending Rs 100 from my earnings so that Modi can get his beard done,” he said. He also said that if Modi wants to increase something, then he should increase employment. Increase vaccination center for the health facility of the people. Focus on solving people’s problems.

Work stalled for last one and a half year
Anil used to set up his tea shop near a private hospital in the city. For the last one and a half years, his work has been stopped due to the lockdown. Angered by this, he sent a register letter directly to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and wrote his demand in it.

Corona appealed for help of Rs 5 lakh to the family of the deceased
Anil said that the Prime Minister is the supreme leader of the country. We have respect for them. It is not our intention to harass them but lakhs of people are suffering due to the lockdown. Anil More has sent a letter along with his money order. He has also demanded a grant of Rs 5 lakh to the family of every person who lost his life due to corona and 30 thousand rupees to each family if the lockdown progresses further.


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