‘If there is 100 quintals of wheat, then put the line again’.

A decree of the Shahjahanpur district administration of Uttar Pradesh has increased the problems of wheat farmers. The district administration has issued a decree that only 50 quintals of wheat will be purchased at a time from the farmer at the government procurement center. After the issuance of this decree, 2 to 3 kilometer long line of tractor-trolleys has been installed outside the mandi. The farmers allege that the market is dominated by mafias and middlemen, while absurd orders have been issued for the farmers.

According to the order of the district administration, the farmer can sell only 50 quintals of wheat at a time at the government procurement center. In such a situation, the farmer who has come to the market with 100 quintals of wheat, will have to line up again. After this their remaining wheat will be bought. The farmers say that they have to pay rent for several days on the tractor-trolley brought on rent, due to which they are incurring heavy losses.

There are many farmers here who are engaged in the queue for 10 days, but till now their wheat has not been sold. Farmers are very angry with this decree of the district administration while middlemen are taking advantage of it.

middlemen dominate the market
Farmers say that most of the government procurement centers are dominated by middlemen. If a farmer wants to sell his wheat, then 100 to 150 rupees is being deducted from him. To sell wheat without paying the facility fee, the farmers are being forced to put up long lines in front of the orders of the district administration.

What has the district administration to say?

Sub-District Magistrate Puwayan Satish Chandra says that arrangements have been made to buy 50 quintals of wheat at a time keeping in view the small and marginal farmers. A farmer can sell his wheat at a government center only 50 quintals at a time. If there is more than 50 quintals of wheat, then the farmer will have to line up again.


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