‘If Khushi Dubey does not get justice, I will commit self-immolation’ .. warns of Brahmin leader, given 3 days ultimatum for CBI investigation

Sunil Kumar, Agra
Wife of Amar Dubey, nephew of Vikas Dubey of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh Khushi Dubey The Brahmin social organizations of Agra have appealed to get ‘justice’. Khushi Dubey is admitted to the hospital in Lucknow these days. His condition is said to be critical. National President of Rashtriya Hindu Parishad India, Govind Parashar has warned the Yogi government that if Khushi Dubey does not get justice, he will commit suicide at the Kanpur headquarters.

Kanpur headquarters will reach on Monday
Govind Parashar said that if the investigation into the guilt of Khushi Dubey is not started by June 7, then he will reach Kanpur headquarters in his car on Monday, June 7 and will commit suicide there. He has demanded to start the investigation in three days. After the warning, the intelligence department of the police has become active. Govind Parashar is being monitored.

the relative of the criminal is not a criminal
Govind Parashar says that the relative of a criminal is not a criminal. Khushi Dubey was married five days before the Bikru incident. He was arrested 10 days later while Amar Dubey was killed by the police in an encounter. He has also said that it should be found out in the CBCID investigation whether Khushi Dubey has any old criminal record.

Appeal started on social media

Govind Parashar has appealed to the people of Brahmin society to appeal to the government to get justice to Khushi Dubey through social media like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Govind Parashar’s video is going viral on social media.

helping hands
SP leader Rauli has said that the government should allow him to get Khushi Dubey’s treatment. She will get Khushi Dubey’s treatment done at her own expense. Here Kiran Tiwari, wife of late Hindu organization leader Kamlesh Tiwari, has also reached Lucknow hospital to meet him.

Treatment is going on in Lucknow hospital

The treatment of Khushi Dubey, wife of Amar Dubey, nephew of Kanpur’s famous case Vikas Dubey, is going on in Lucknow. He has been brought from Kanpur to Lucknow on Friday. Khushi Dubey’s condition is said to be critical.


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