I wish… if there is such a brother in every house and such a society in every village, the world will change.


  • Marriage of two daughters completed with the help of society
  • Brother was ready to sell kidney for sisters marriage
  • Financially very weak father was already under the burden of debt
  • Seeing the love of brother and sister, the society came forward

Ramdev Mahto, a resident of Koilwar Pachrukhiya in Bhojpur, has five girls and a boy with his wife. Ramdev himself is an agricultural laborer and his son also works as a laborer. That is, the condition of the house is not such that this whole family can lead a good life. Despite this, Ramdev Mahto and his wife fixed the marriage of their two daughters at a good place. But the problem was that they did not have money to spend on the wedding.

Om Prakash agrees to sell his kidney for sister’s wedding
Omprakash was already spending time in poverty with his parents and five sisters. But his heart was filled with infinite love for his parents and five sisters. Om Prakash ji, living in poverty, came to know that his father was getting the two sisters married by taking a loan, he decided to sell one of his kidneys. Although selling kidney is a crime, but he was determined that he would not allow his father to take a loan and would get his sisters married with the money he would get by selling the kidney. Omprakash told that even at the time of the marriage of his eldest sister Rinku, his father had taken a loan, which is being repaid till date.

Seeing the love of brother and sister, the society came forward
When the villagers came to know that the marriage of two daughters of Ramdev Mahto has been fixed with two boys of the same family. But Ramdev Mahto does not have enough money to get his daughters married. And because of this his son Om Prakash is ready to sell his kidney for his sisters’ wedding. Gradually this word spread throughout the village. After this, the villagers held a meeting among themselves and decided that they would not even sell their kidney to the brother and the marriage of both the girls would also take place with pomp. The villagers gathered money among themselves, bought wedding supplies, bought clothes for the girls and reached the house of Ramsevak Mahato after bringing food and drink to the wedding. The villagers told a father that both the girls were not only of this house but of the whole village. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the whole village that their marriage should be done with pomp.

On Tuesday, both the sisters got married with pomp
Ramdev Mahto’s two daughters Radhika and Rajkumari got married on Tuesday. It was told that the priest of the temple told the villagers about the love of brother and sister and he inspired the villagers to go ahead and help the two daughters of the village. And thus the marriage of Radhika and the princess could take place due to the coming forward of the society. Due to the advancement of society, neither a father had to be burdened with debt nor a brother had to sell a part of his body.


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