I will go after getting the vaccine, you keep watching… these messages are being written on trucks for awareness


  • An NGO in MP is making people aware to get vaccinated
  • Interesting lions being written on trucks, temps and buses
  • These lions are very viral on social media
  • People are being motivated for vaccination through these mediums.

If you get vaccinated, you will meet again and again, if you are careless, you will meet in Haridwar, … Look but with love, Corona is afraid of the vaccine. These messages are being written on the back of trucks and other vehicles on behalf of an NGO with the aim of making people aware to avoid corona epidemic and to get vaccinated.

The Search and Research Development Society of Bhopal in collaboration with NCSTC, a body of India under the Department of Science and Technology, is running this unique campaign of writing ‘Corona Shayari and Message’ behind trucks to create awareness among the people. Society President Dr. Monique Jain informed that with the help of District Administration Bhopal, corona awareness messages and lions were written on more than 50 trucks, tempo, bus, tractor-trolley and other vehicles. Also stickers, posters and banners were put up. The drivers of the vehicles happily got Corona Shayari written on their vehicles.

These interesting messages written on the back of the vehicles will come to the notice of the people as these vehicles travel to different places in the country. Some of these messages are as follows:
Look but with love, Corona is afraid of the vaccine… I am beautiful, don’t look at me, I will support you for life, definitely get the vaccine… Don’t laugh, love will get vaccinated, Corona will be defeated.. The car is moving, the dust is flying, get the vaccine or else it will be a big mistake… If you want to keep doing beauty philosophy every day, then first get both the doses of the vaccine, … Yamraj is very happy if he does not get the vaccine. ….The owner is great, is troubled by the spoons, to avoid corona, vaccine is the only solution.

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Dr. Jain said that unfortunately in India, there are still many misconceptions, fears and doubts regarding the corona vaccine. Many types of rumors are spreading about the vaccine and many types of confusion are in the minds of the people and people are not getting vaccinated. Even in many villages and towns, health workers are behaving badly.

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He said that in such a situation, it is necessary that all efforts should be made to make people aware about vaccination by removing this confusion so that our country can be free from corona epidemic with complete vaccination. He said that the society has been working continuously for the last six months to make people aware of the corona epidemic and to propagate the messages of prevention.

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Corona awareness chariot is being run by this society, which reaches villages and cities with audio-video messages. Along with this, awareness activities are being carried out continuously through folk media like puppets, street plays, folk songs and music.


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