Humanity shamed in Aligarh, after death due to poisonous liquor, the last rites of the female laborer were done by pouring diesel

A case of diesel cremation of a kiln laborer who lost her life after consuming spurious liquor has come to light in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. It was told that the kiln owner and administrative officials handed over the dead woman’s body to the kiln workers after the postmortem. They were not even provided with the material for the last rites of the woman. After this, the laborers performed the last rites of the woman by pouring diesel.

In Aligarh district, the process of people dying of poisonous liquor continues continuously. So far around 108 people have died. Many kiln workers had died after drinking spurious liquor in police station Akrabad area. Among them were many women who worked in the kiln. Out of these, the Aligarh district administration had conducted the postmortem of a woman from Gaya in Bihar. After the post-mortem, the body of the woman was handed over to the kiln workers by the administration.

The laborers had neither money nor material to perform the rituals for the cremation of the woman. The body of the woman was kept for the last rites for several hours. Later, the kiln workers took out 1 liter of diesel from the engine kept in the nearby fields and put it on the pyre of the deceased woman and set it on fire.

kiln owners switched off the phone

According to the information, after the death of the worker, the kiln owner, accountant and contractor switched off their phones. They did not even arrange the goods for the last rites of the laborer. Due to this, the laborers broke the cot and made a means to keep the dead body of the woman and brought the dead body to the bank of the canal for the funeral. Later some wood was also sent by the kiln owner to burn the dead body.

After this, seeing that the last rites were not done with wood, the workers buried the woman’s body in the pylons and then put diesel and set the pyre on fire. The relatives of the deceased woman told that the kiln owner and the district administration did not provide ghee and material for performing the last rites of the deceased woman. Due to this, the pyre has been cremated by putting diesel on fire.


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