Human Immortality: Humans can live for thousands of years, claims Harvard University professor

Mumbai: Man has always wanted to live as many years as possible. For this, many things have been researched by human beings. Meanwhile, Harvard University professor David Sinsler claims that humans can live for thousands of years. And the special thing is that this will be possible in the next two years. This is claimed by Professor David Sinsler. Tests on rats have shown that the brain and other organs can be reversed as they age. This means that human beings can be immortalized in one way or another. & nbsp;

David Sinsler, a professor at Harvard, said his research, published in December last year, showed that there is a mechanism by which cells can be rejuvenated. I hope the test that is currently underway on rats will be done on humans in the next couple of years. On the effect of modern medicine on increasing human life, he said that children born today should aim to live to be 100 years old. There should be no limit to human life, said Professor Sinsler.

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