Horror picture of Unlock: Farmers reached the market as soon as the market opened, the whole city was jammed, social distancing wired

Like other parts of Madhya Pradesh, Ashoknagar district has also been unlocked, but seeing the condition of the city on Monday, there may be a risk of increasing corona infection again. As soon as the market opened on Monday, a large number of farmers reached the market, causing a jam situation in the entire city. Crowds of farmers also reached the markets and social distancing became wired.

Crowds of farmers also reached the markets along with the market. Farmers had started coming from Sunday itself to sell the crop. Till 6 am on Sunday morning, there was no space left for the tractors of the farmers in the market. When there was no space in the market, the farmers stood by putting their tractors on the roads, which worsened the traffic system in the city.

Due to the queues of tractors on the roads, the situation of jam was created in the city. The city remained jammed for about 5 hours. The situation of jam continued for hours on the over bridge and foot over bridge. Such was the condition of the jam that even the vehicles of the traffic police got stuck in it. People who came out for daily work also got worried. Seeing no solution, all the three gates of the agricultural produce market had to be opened. Then the tractors of the farmers who had sold the crop were first pulled out.

On the other hand, social distancing completely disappeared in the crowd of farmers in mandis and markets. The government has made social distancing and wearing of masks mandatory with relaxation in corona curfew. But on Monday, it was openly violated in the markets of the city.


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