High Court refuses to stay medical courses examinations in Maharashtra

Nagpur, Jun 5 (PTI) The Bombay High Court on Saturday refused to stay the offline examinations of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS). These exams are going to start from June 10.

Justice Avinash Gharote heard a plea by Amol Deshmukh and Nitesh Tantrapale, who sought postponement of MUHS’s examinations for undergraduate and postgraduate courses including MBBS, MD and BHMS.

The petitioners’ counsel Rahul Bhangde said that the examinations should be stopped or they should be conducted online till all the students are vaccinated. He said that otherwise the students as well as the examination staff would be at risk of getting infected with the corona virus.

MUHS counsel Abhijit Deshpande said that the petition has been filed very late and all preparations for the examination have been done. He said that students have the option to take the exam later. He said that all safety measures including maintaining social distance would be taken during the examination.

Justice Gharote, in the order, said that 40,661 candidates are going to appear for the examination at 173 centers and except the petitioner Tantrapale, no one opposed the examination. The court said that if a student does not want to appear for the examination for any reason, he/she can appear for the examination at a later stage, which will not be counted as an extra attempt.

“All preparations have been done for conducting the examination from June 10, which is to be held five days from now,” the court said. The examinations were conducted offline in the earlier two phases — in January-February 2021 and in March-April 2021. It is not appropriate to stop the examination now.

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