Healthy Diet: Corona patients eat eggs for breakfast, then eat moong dal, milk and figs to increase lost strength

We have seen that corona patients are facing many problems, such as weakness in the body, increased sugar level or increased BP. All this disturbance in the body has started happening due to taking many medicines, steroids, injections and due to lack of proper diet.

We can keep all these problems right with the advice of a doctor and by taking a good diet, and get rid of these problems. So let us know how we have to keep our diet after getting corona or at the time of recovery from corona.

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Strength will come from milk and figs

Taking milk and figs on an empty stomach after waking up in the morning is very beneficial. If you do not want to take milk, then you can take only figs. It helps in controlling your cholesterol and sugar level. By consuming figs with milk, the weakness of the body starts to go away.

If you have BP, take black raisins with milk.

People who are having BP related problem or bad cholesterol problem, then use black raisins. Leave the black raisins soaked overnight and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning, you can take it with milk or just like that.

Drink black raisins mixed with milk, these diseases will go away

Eat these things for breakfast

The best option in breakfast is gram flour, egg, oats. All this will help you in gaining muscle. You can also take a glass of milk along with it. Be sure to take eggs and milk as it contains a lot of protein which helps in building muscles.

How to have lunch and dinner

Include proteins, carbohydrates in lunch and dinner, as well as include the right amount of saturated fat such as half a teaspoon of ghee, this will help you in digesting food. Be sure to include pulses in the diet for protein, especially moong dal because it is light which is easy to digest.

Kovid patients should avoid eating leftover or stale food, know how to diet chart

say no to heavy food

If you want to recover quickly from Corona, then do not take heavy food at all. Eating large amounts of heavy food causes a feeling of heaviness in the chest, which is a common symptom of Kovid-19. Breathing muscles and digestion muscles are week by eating heavy food, so avoid doing this.

Fennel and jaggery remove heaviness in the chest

Take only semi-solid food in food and if you feel heaviness in the chest after eating, then take jaggery and fennel water. It gives a lot of relief, and digestion is also smooth, due to which food is easily digested.

Keep body hydrated for fast recovery

It is very important to keep the body hydrated, so keep drinking water from time to time, along with healthy drinks like coconut water, lemonade etc. ORS solution, mosambi juice must be consumed by all. Instead of Mosambi juice, you should also eat the whole season so that you can also get the fiber of Mosambi.

Corona has a very bad effect on our health, of course, we need medicines to recover quickly from it, but it is also very important to take a good and healthy diet. By following the above tips, you can definitely beat Corona easily.

Video-How should be the diet plan of Kovid patient, what to eat and what not


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