‘Have you ever seen a girl?’ Rakhi Sawant fired at someone ‘; Take a look at this VIDEO

Rakhine Pearl V. He has also expressed his opinion in the case of Pearl V. Puri.

Mumbai, June 6- Rakhi Sawant (Rakhi Sawant) Is hugely active on social media. She is constantly seen in public places in Mumbai. Throughout the lockdown, she is seen interacting with the paparazzi on one topic or another. Recently, Rakhi had expressed his views in the Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra case. After that, now Pearl V with Rakhi. Of Puri (Pearl V. Puri) Has expressed his opinion in the case. This time she was interviewing the paparazzi. Meanwhile, a man stopped to look at him. Seeing that, Rakhi listened to the person well. Then this video is going viral on social media.

Rakhi Sawant is not afraid of anything. She boldly expresses her opinion on everything. Recently actor Pearl V. A young woman has made serious allegations against Puri like rape. Mumbai police have also arrested him. Rakhi Sawant was asked about the same matter. At that time Rakhi Sawant was Pearl V. He denied the allegations by showing his photos with Puri. He also said that he did not believe in these allegations.

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While Rakhi was expressing her opinion in front of the camera. A man standing in front was constantly staring at Rakhi. So Rakhi got very angry with him. And in her usual casual style she said to the man, ‘Oh uncle have you never seen a girl? Java What are you looking at me from here. Look ahead or there will be an accident. Rakhi shouts at the person. So the paparazzi says he’s looking at me. He is looking at my clothes. ‘

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After getting angry with that person, Rakhi completes her speech. Speaking about Pearl, Rakhi has said, ‘Even if God comes and tells me, I will not believe this. He is a very innocent boy. I was at an event with Pearl. But he doesn’t even look women in the eye. So it is wrong to make such a big accusation against a person when there is no evidence.

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First published:June 6, 2021 at 4:06 PM IS


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