Haryana: Gurgaon reached number two in the pace of beating Corona, tops in terms of vaccination


  • Gurgaon at number two in the state in terms of beating Corona
  • Sonipat is at first place and Faridabad is at third place.
  • Gurgaon also on top in terms of corona vaccination

Gurgaon has come second in the state in terms of the speed of recovery of corona infected patients. According to the report of the Health Department, at present the recovery rate of patients in the district is 99.08 percent, while the recovery rate of Sonipat is 99.18 percent. It is made in the first place. On the other hand, Gurgaon has reached number four in terms of active infected. More active infected are in Hisar, Sirsa and Karnal than here.

Recovery rate was reached at 69 percent
After the last week of March, the number of corona infected started increasing. Due to the increase in the pace of infection in April, the recovery rate of the district had come down to 69 percent. In May, the number of cured patients started increasing more than the number of infected. In one day, 5 thousand patients defeated Corona in May. As a result, the recovery rate of the district has increased again to over 99 percent. It is being told that about 60 to 70 percent of the people in the age group of 20 to 40 years were successful in defeating the infection.

Faridabad came third
According to the Corona Bulletin issued by the Health Department on Friday evening, Sonipat ranks first and Gurgaon second in the state in terms of the speed of recovery of patients. With 98.67 percent recovery rate, Faridabad is third with Gurgaon and Rewari is fourth with 97.89 percent recovery rate. Similarly, Mahendragarh is in fifth place with 97.40 percent recovery rate.

Every effort is being made to break the chain of infection. Efforts are on to control the infection through testing, tracing and treatment. More patients are getting cured every day than new infected patients are found. There has been a significant improvement in the recovery rate.

Dr. Yash Garg, Deputy Commissioner Gurgaon

Most active infected in Hisar
According to the Corona Bulletin, 11054 were active infected in the district on Friday evening. Of these, the maximum 1119 active infected are in Hisar and 965 active infected are in Sirsa. After these 827 active infected are in Karnal. 814 active infected are in Gurgaon. In such a situation, the situation in Gurgaon has improved a lot and it has come to number four, while in the second wave, Gurgaon had the most active infected.

The city is also on top in vaccination
People of 18 plus age may have to wait to get the corona vaccine at government centers, while Gurgaon is on top in terms of vaccination. More than 12 percent of the total dose in the state has been applied in Gurgaon. 59 lakh 52 thousand 392 vaccine doses have been installed in the state, out of which 7 lakh 33 thousand 777 vaccine doses were administered in Gurgaon. Whereas Gurgaon ranks second in terms of vaccination. 5 lakh 68 thousand 628 doses have been applied here.


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