Hardoi News: First people beat up the thief fiercely, the police reached the spot, instead of saving them, they beat themselves with their boots.

In Hardoi District Women’s Hospital, people caught a young man on the charge of theft, after which he was beaten up badly. Not only this, the policemen posted in the hospital also beat him with sticks and boots and then tied him to a pillar. During this, many youths made a video of it and made it viral on social media. However, CO City has described the video as old and has talked of action with the police catching the thief.

According to the information received, on Tuesday night, in a ward of the second floor of the District Women’s Hospital, some attendants caught the young man on the charge of theft and then started beating him. During this, the policemen posted in the hospital also reached there and instead of saving the thief from beating him, started killing him himself. Along with a thief and dozens of people, the policeman started beating the thief mercilessly. The thief was hit with sticks, kicks and punches and even with boots after throwing him.

The thief got bled but people did not sweat
The youth gave his name as Madan and a resident of Shahjahanpur. People were giving him Taliban punishment for theft, beat up the said young man on the ground and then tied both his hands. During this he bled, but people continued to beat him. After bringing him down, tied him to a pole and called the police and handed him over. In this regard, CO City Vikas Jaiswal said that the viral video on social media is old, the thief is in the possession of the police and legal action is going on.


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