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Today is the birthday of Ajinkya Rahane, the vice-captain of the Indian Test team. Ajinkya Rahane’s journey to become the captain of Team India was extremely difficult, but his wife Radhika Rahane always supported Ajinkya in this struggle.

Mumbai, June 6: Ajinkya Rahane, vice-captain of India’s Test team (Ajinkya Rahane) Today is a birthday. Ajinkya has completed 33 years and is making her debut for the 34th year. The last whole year has been very special for staying undefeated. In the absence of Virat Kohli, Ajinkya led India to a historic Test series victory in Australia (India vs Australia). After the team was all out for 36, Ajinkya scored a smashing century in the next Test to put India on the road to victory once again.

The journey of Ajinkya Rahane to become the captain of Team India was extremely difficult, but by his wife Radhika (Radhika Rahane) Forever accompanied Ajinkya in this struggle. The love story of these two is also embarrassing to a Bollywood story. Radhika wishes Ajinkya a happy birthday. Radhika shared a photo with Ajinkya with the caption, ‘Thank you for the boy I fell in love with and the man I love more than you, and stay the same, happy birthday,’

Ajinkya-Radhika’s love story

Ajinkya and Radhika had been living in the same colony since childhood. His school and college were the same. At the same time, the families of the two also knew each other well. The two became friends for the first time through constant companionship. Friendship turned into love.

Dating starts secretly

Ajinkya had earlier confessed in an interview that he was taking Radhika on a date in a way that no one would understand at that time. Of course, this secret did not last long. The couple’s family soon heard the news. They gladly allowed their marriage. Ajinkya and Radhika got married on December 26, 2014. It was the dream of both the families to see Ajinkya become a great cricketer.

Radhika was angry at the wedding!

Staying invincible can never forget the mistake made in marriage. When he reached Radhika’s house with his relatives at the time of the wedding, the congregation in her house was amazed. Ajinkya was wearing a yellow T-shirt and jeans at the time. Radhika was very angry when she saw him in that dress. Ajinkya still considers it the biggest mistake of his life. In fact, Ajinkya did not have time to do wedding shopping due to her busy schedule.

Radhika is everything!

In the Test series in Australia, we have seen Ajinkya resolutely overcome all the challenges. Ajinkya always considers Radhika as a source of inspiration for this performance. Radhika has always understood us, says Ajinkya. They both have a daughter. Radhika likes to live a simple life. She is always away from the glamor world. She is also not very active on social media.

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