‘Hang those who remake songs in Bhar Chowk’; Abhijeet got angry at the new songs

‘Yoyo doing remakes on old songs’; Abhijeet Bhattacharya is angry over the remake culture in Bollywood

Mumbai June 10: The number of remake songs in Bollywood has increased tremendously. (Bollywood remake songs) 80s-90s superhit songs are currently being remade with the help of Autotune. Famous singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya has expressed his anger over this remake culture in Bollywood. He said that these remake people should be hanged in Bhar Chowk. He also said that he should be hanged for six months after his death.

In an interview with Bollywood Spy, Abhijeet commented on the current situation in Bollywood. He said, “There was a time when musicians worked hard for hours on a song. What will be the melody of that song? Debate on which instruments should be used. Meetings of writers, singers and musicians. Therefore, those songs are still very popular among the people. Because that song was made. But today only songs are produced on computers. Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you. If you are really a musician then why steal other people’s songs and create your own. But no, they don’t like it, so they remake the songs by saying yoyo. Those who do such remakes should be hanged in Bhar Chowk. Because they are insulting those great musicians in the music world. They are singing their songs in their own name. “

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He further said, “Singers of our generation do not get work today. Because we can’t sing like them. Today my voice is on my pick but still I don’t think I can sing that kind of song. In fact, I am happy to be away from such fraud. These Bollywood actors are cheating people. ” Saying this, Abhijeet expressed his anger.

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First published:June 10, 2021 at 12:34 PM IS


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