Gurugram news: People troubled by the terror of monkeys came up with an idea, gave jobs to the youths who made the sound of the langur and now….

There is terror of monkeys in Gurugram, Haryana. The residents of Suncity Colony, Sector-54, located on Golf Course Road, are extremely troubled by the terror of monkeys. After receiving complaints from the people and not taking satisfactory action from the Municipal Corporation, the local RWA has hired two youths who made the sound of the langur. Still, there is no complete relief yet.

Residents told that there is a Aravalli mountain range near their colony. From here the monkeys come to the colony. For one and a half years the people here are very upset. Monkeys tear off clothes that are drying in the balcony. Pots and dishes break antennae. Damage to water tanks placed on roofs.

Municipal Corporation did not help
Kusum Sharma, chairperson of the development committee of Suncity RWA, said that the residents are very upset due to the terror of monkeys. In this regard, she has met the Joint Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, Hariom Attri several times. I had also met Vinay Pratap Singh, former commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, but the solution was not found.

About 1250 families live in the colony. Monkeys enter the colony from the Aravalli side. At present, three groups of monkeys have come, due to which the residents are very upset. It has become difficult even to sit on the balcony and keep things. Despite complaints to the Municipal Corporation, the problem is not being resolved.

Kuldeep Rana, President, RWA, Suncity Colony

Two young men work from morning till night
Finding disappointment everywhere, now the RWA has hired two youths who make the sound of the langur. They stay from 7 am to 7 pm. The monkeys run away after hearing the sound of the langur. Although the terror of monkeys is still there. An attempt was made to talk to the Joint Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation Hariom Attri in this matter, but could not be contacted.

woman was injured
According to residents, last week the woman living in B block was taking a walk. On his way back to the house, the monkeys surrounded him. While trying to escape from them, the woman suffered a lot. He even had to be admitted to the hospital.


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