Gurugram news: Now pub-bars will be able to open overnight in Haryana, know what are the rules for spilling full night jam

Under the excise policy 2021-22, now pubs will be able to open overnight by paying an additional fee of Rs 30 lakh. If one applies under the policy, then he will have to spend this amount annually for extra time in addition to his license throughout the year. Till now this facility is available only in big hotels including five star.

The number of pubs and bars in Gurugram is around 205. It has pub-bars in Sector 29, MG Road, Cyber ​​Hub, Sohna Road and many other areas of the Old City. These are made in most of the five, four and three star hotels. However, due to the lockdown for a year, only about 150 pub-bar operators in the East and West zones have renewed for the new year 2021-22 excise license.

This year, pub-bars can be opened till 6 am by paying an additional Rs 30 lakh in the policy. Earlier this facility was available only in big hotels. The applications for this year are yet to start coming.

Dr. Anirudh Sharma, DETC, Excise Department

Will be able to open till 6 am
In the new policy that came after the license of 2020-21 that expired on May 19 this year, there is a provision in 2021-22 that now pub-bars will be able to open pub-bars till 6 am with extra fees. Till now the time till one o’clock in the night is to open the pub-bar.

10 lakhs have to be paid extra for one hour extra time. Now 20 lakh more will have to be given till 6 in the morning. In this way, you can open your pub-bar overnight by paying a total fee of Rs 30 lakh annually for the extra time.


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