Government’s ‘hope’ in the third wave of Corona

possible third wave of corona Terming the role of Asha sevikas as very important, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that Asha Tai is doing that work which is in accordance with the way the word ‘Asha’ is formed in us. Expressing gratitude to the ASHA workers, the Chief Minister said that people infected with corona should immediately inform the administration.

kids on monday Task force made up of specialist doctors And the Chief Minister held a meeting of ASHA workers through virtual medium. In the meeting, he said that the government is ready to deal with the third wave of corona, so the parents of the children need not panic.

ASHA maids should guide and reassure the parents in the care of the children so that they do not get scared. The Chief Minister said that more than my responsibility to protect the children from corona infection lies with the family members, who should immediately inform the administration if the children show any symptoms.

A big role in tackling malnutrition
The Chief Minister said that care should be taken to check child mortality due to malnutrition. malnutrition crisis And while resolving it, care should be taken that children do not die from it. Asha sevaks should spread awareness about corona along with other diseases in the slums of the village. The Chief Minister said that the roots of health facilities are being strengthened in the state.

high work in rural areas
Uddhav said that ASHA, Anganwadi workers are part of the administration, which is providing health services in rural areas with a focus on health and family. Their complaints and expectations have been properly addressed. The work of Anganwadi workers during the Corona period cannot be forgotten.


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