Government will take legal action regarding color and insignia of Karnataka flag on ‘bikini’: Minister

Bengaluru, Jun 6 (PTI) After users on e-commerce company Amazon’s Canada website claimed that a ‘bikini’ with Karnataka’s flag color and state emblem was available for sale, state Kannada and Culture Minister Arvind Limbavali said It has been said that the government will take legal action.

Describing it as a matter of self-respect of Kannada people, the minister said that the government will not tolerate such things and asked Amazon Canada to apologize.

Shortly before this, there was anger against Google, because Kannada was being described on Google as the “worst language” of India.

Limbavali has said, “We have recently faced insults to Kannada by Google. Even before the wound healed, we found that Amazon Canada was using the colors and insignia of the Kannada flag on women’s clothing.”

He tweeted on Saturday, “MNCs stop repeatedly insulting Kannada. It is a matter of self-respect of Kannadigas and we will not tolerate escalation in such incidents.”

The minister said, “Amazon Canada should apologize to Kannadigas. Legal action will be taken against Amazon Canada.”

The minister had also asked to take legal action regarding Google’s case, but he did not do so after the company apologized.

Terming it as an insult to the government, JD(S) leader and former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has asked the government to look into the possibilities of action against Amazon. It also said that it is necessary to prevent recurrence of such incidents in future.

He also demanded that Amazon apologize to Kannadigas.

The ‘bikini’ has the yellow and red colors of the unofficial state flag of Karnataka and the state emblem is ‘Gandabherund’. However, after the uproar, Amazon has removed it from its Canadian website.

There was no immediate response from Amazon.

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