Gorakhpur Vaccination News: Lack of awareness or confusion? After all, why are women behind in the Kovid vaccination in CM Yogi’s district?

Prakashini Mani Tripathi Gorakhpur
With the corona cases coming to a halt in Uttar Pradesh, the Health Department is making every effort to meet the target of 100% vaccination of Kovid 19. Despite this, women are lagging behind in the matter of vaccination in CM Yogi Adityanath’s home district. The female population in the district is 22 lakhs. In this, only 2.5 lakh women have got the vaccine of Kovid 19.

According to the 2011 census, the total population of Gorakhpur is about 45 lakhs. Out of these, the population of 22 lakhs is of females while 23 lakhs are of males. Of these 22 lakh women, only 213676 women, including urban and rural areas, have been vaccinated. Seventy percent of these women also belong to urban areas. At the same time, 2 lakh 94 thousand 52 men have got vaccination.

Confusion among women about vaccination
There is a lot of confusion among the women of rural areas regarding the Kovid 19 vaccination, due to which they are not reaching the vaccination center. There is a lot of confusion among women about periods, feeding and pregnancy, due to which women are hesitant to get vaccinated. In this regard, District Health Education and Information Officer KN Barnwal said that women can get vaccinated during periods and breastfeeding, while pregnant women should avoid vaccination.

Programs being run for awareness
District Immunization Officer Dr. Neeraj Kumar Pandey informed that awareness programs are being run in rural areas regarding vaccination. For this, Anganwadi workers, ASHA workers have been engaged so that women can be made aware about the vaccine and the target of 100% vaccination can be met.


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