Gorakhpur news: In the lockdown, the girlfriend called the lover home, the family members caught him and insisted on going together

A very surprising case has come to light from Harpur Budhat in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. During the lockdown here, a young man reached his house to meet his girlfriend. After which the relatives of the girlfriend handed over the youth to the police. The police was taking the young man to the police station when the girlfriend was also adamant on the insistence of going along. On the other hand, due to the couple being an adult, the police have pacified the matter by compromising on both the sides.

Love affair was going on for almost 2 years
According to the information received, a girl from a village in Harpur Budhat police station area was having a love affair with a youth of Khalilabad Kotwali area of ​​Sant Kabirnagar district for about two years. The two did not meet for a long time due to the Corona lock down. After which both of them made plans to meet on Friday.

Seeing the young man, there was a stir in the family
After which the girlfriend called the boyfriend at 12 o’clock on Friday night and called him to the house. Meanwhile, as soon as the lover entered the house, the family members of the girl woke up and they started making noise after seeing the unknown young man. After this, the villagers also reached the spot after hearing the noise and informed the police.

The girl was adamant on the insistence of going together
The police, who reached the spot, was taking the youth to the police station that the girl was also adamant on the insistence of going along. On the other hand, in this case, Harpur Budhat SHO Devendra Singh said that seeing both the young man and the girl as an adult, both the families have reached an agreement, no case has been registered.


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