Gorakhpur: 50-year-old madarsa teacher made illicit relations with 10th class student, on complaint, panchayat decreed marriage

A very surprising case has come to light from Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Here a teacher teaching in a madrasa of Pipraich police station area made illicit relations with a student studying in class 10th. The panchayat was called on the complaint of the girl’s family. In the panchayat, with the consent of both the parties, the decree of marriage of the girl student to the cleric was pronounced. After this, the madrasa teacher has married the student on Friday.

Closeness increased while teaching tuition at home
According to the information received, the madrasa teacher used to go to her house to teach the 10th class student. During this, the closeness between the two increased and an illicit relationship was formed. The talk of the teacher and the student’s affair spread like a fire in the whole village. After the matter came to the notice of the villagers, the family members of the girl complained to the panchayat. On the complaint, the panchayat issued a decree for the madrasa teacher to marry the girl student.

Angry father asked for half the property due to panchayat decision
Angered by this decree of the Panchayat, the father of the teacher protested. They say that the teacher is already married and has two children. For the upbringing of the children, the teacher should give half of his property in the name of the first wife. After this, on the demand of the teacher’s father, the panchayat has asked to transfer half of the teacher’s property in the name of his first wife. On the other hand, in this case, the in-charge of the Pipraich police station says that after getting information about the matter, investigation was done, it was found that the student is an adult. After this, the marriage was done on Friday with the consent of both the parties.


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