Gold Silver Price Today: Once again the gold-silver rally, find out today’s latest price

All major Indian cities are witnessing a slight rise today after gold and silver prices continued to decline for the past few days. In the national capital, gold rose by Rs 190 to Rs 48,320 per ten grams. HDFC Security has provided this information. Gold closed at Rs 48,130 per 10 grams yesterday. Similarly, silver also rose by Rs 125 to Rs 70,227 per kg. On the previous day, silver closed at Rs 70,102 per kg. The rupee had lost nine paise to 72.89 against the dollar in early trade on Tuesday.

Gold had touched Rs 56,200 in August last year. In this way, the price of gold is still below the high level of Rs 7000. Gold is trading 0.1 per cent higher on the MCX. Today, the August futures gold price on MCX is Rs 49174 per 10 grams. While the price of silver has come down to Rs 71388 per kg.

What is the price in the international market

The price of gold in the international market has risen to 18 1890 an ounce with a modest rise. Silver was at. 27.65 an ounce. Tapan Patel, a senior analyst at HDFC Securities, said gold in the overseas gold market had touched a high of 19 1,900 an ounce in the previous session.

Gold prices in India are currently fluctuating. Investors in global markets are keeping an eye on US economic data. In the same way, gold will move forward.

Yesterday, the price of 99.50 gold rose by Rs 200 to Rs 50,400 and the price of 99.90 rose by Rs 200 to Rs 50,600 in Ahmedabad while the price of silver rose by Rs 200 to Rs 72,200 per kg in Ahmedabad.

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