Ghaziabad News: There is a limit! Shops were closed in lockdown… then how did the electricity bill double?


  • Disruption in electricity bill of shopkeepers in Ghaziabad
  • Electricity bill doubled despite the closure of the shop
  • Industry trade board has more than 50 complaints
  • Electricity department said – disturbance due to online

When the markets were closed due to Corona, the business of the shopkeepers came to a standstill. The condition became so bad that even for the expenses of the house, there was a problem. Despite the closure of the shops, the shopkeepers were in tension regarding the rent, electricity bill and salary of the staff that the problem increased. The shopkeepers of Vaishali market started getting double the electricity bills of the closed shops. Meanwhile, the Electricity Department has clarified that complaints are coming due to online bill generation.

The shopkeepers say that there has not been any income here since April. Shops are closed, but electricity bills have doubled. Where earlier the bill used to come to fifteen hundred rupees. The bill for the shop closed there has come down to four thousand. Many shops which used to run the whole day earlier, then their bill used to come to four thousand. Now even after the closure of the shop, the bill has come more. The shopkeepers say that they even contacted the Electricity Corporation, but the estimated bill has been returned. The shopkeepers say that if there is no earning, then from where will they deposit the bill and before making the estimated bill, the electricity corporation should have seen whether the bill is of the house or of a closed shop.
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‘Earning zero in market shutdown, now double whammy’
Ajay Hindustani, vice-president of Vaishali Udyog Vyapar Mandal, says, “Earlier, when the shop opened, my bill was Rs 2,000. Now the shop has remained closed, so how can the bill come to four thousand rupees. First of all there is no income. Getting double the bill from above is not less than a problem. From where I will pay the bill, I do not understand anything. It has become difficult for the shopkeepers to run the house here. More than fifty such complaints have been received in the association, whose bill has been doubled. Will soon go to the electricity department regarding this.

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‘Now it seems that you have to take a loan to pay the bill’
Divya Gupta of Vaishali says, ‘Shops remained closed during the lockdown. Seeing the bills of the Electricity Corporation, it seems that they are not aware of the area. When the bills of closed market shops are being prepared, how can it come double? There is a need to take care of this. The shopkeepers had already written a letter to the Electricity Corporation demanding bill waiver. Now instead of helping, he sent double the bill. My bill used to come for two and a half thousand rupees. Now four and a half thousand rupees of the closed shop have come. Looks like you have to take a loan to pay the bill.

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officials admit mistake
In this case, SDO YP Sharma said that there have been complaints of irregularities in bills from all over the district, because this time the bills have been made online. It is not that the Electricity Corporation is not helping. The department is helping the consumer, so that they do not face any problem. The problem of hundred bills has been resolved on Saturday itself. This work will continue in future also.


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