Ghaziabad News: Sister-in-law did not talk … brother-in-law used to keep a bad eye, did this act in anger

Tejesh Chauhan, Ghaziabad
In the Indirapuram police station area in Ghaziabad, the relationship of brother-in-law got strained when the sister-in-law did not talk to brother-in-law. Angered by this, the brother-in-law poured flammable material on him. Surprisingly, he himself went along with the victim’s father and lodged a case in the police station. The shocking revelation of the case came after the police investigation. Because there was no one else to put the inflammable material, the brother-in-law himself turned out there. During the interrogation of the police, the accused has accepted his crime. At present, the police has arrested the accused.

According to the police, 25-year-old Lakhan Yadav son Rajaram Yadav, originally from Hardoi, had a love marriage a year ago with Sanjay’s elder daughter living in village Morti of Thana Nand village area. Since then he was living here with the girl’s family. Lakhan also kept an evil eye on his wife’s 17-year-old younger sister. But she did not talk to Lakhan. Lakhan could not bear this. Not only this, he did not like to talk about sister-in-law to anyone else. This angered him and on the night of June 3, around 1:30 pm, Lakhan poured flammable material on the face and body of his minor sister-in-law. When the girl raised an alarm, he himself along with the family members poured water and took the girl to the hospital and along with the victim’s father Sanjay Singh reached to file a case.

Confessed crime in police interrogation
CO Abhay Kumar Mishra said that a person named Sanjay, living in Morti village of Nand Village police station area, had given a complaint in the police station that his 17-year-old girl was sleeping in the house with her family and at around 1:30 pm someone threw flammable material on the girl. He has been admitted to the hospital. She said that on the basis of Tahrir, a case was registered and started searching for the accused. But the police got some suspicion on the brother-in-law of the victim and when he was strictly questioned, he accepted his crime.

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used to keep evil eye on sister-in-law

The accused told the police that he used to keep a wrong eye on the sister-in-law as well. But she didn’t talk to him. Even if she used to do it to others, he could not bear it. That’s why he did it. The CO said that the accused has been arrested. A bottle of that inflammable substance has also been recovered from his possession. The flammable material was thrown at the girl.


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