Ghaziabad News: Not only electricity in Ghaziabad, arrangements are also failing, transformers and wires are unable to bear the heavy load

With the increase in heat in Ghaziabad district, the problem of power cut is also increasing. There is power failure for 4-5 hours in many areas of the city. In fact, as the heat rises, the demand for electricity has also increased. At the same time, in most places the transformers and wires of the department are not able to withstand the heavy load. In such a situation, there is a problem of transformer and wire blowing everywhere.

According to the information, this is happening 5 to 7 times in every area of ​​the city in 24 hours and people are facing power cuts of 4-5 hours. It is also becoming difficult for people to sit inside the house without electricity in the temperature of 40 degrees. At the same time, people say that the officials of the electricity department do not pay attention to the complaints.

Transformer repaired after 8 hours
A sudden transformer blew up in Mahendra Enclave on Wednesday night. People complained about this to the electricity department many times, but no one paid attention to it. People remained without electricity all night. The local people told that the transformer came the next day, but JE did not bother to install it. When people protested a lot, the transformer could be installed after 1 pm.

Sachin, who lives here, told that after a whole day’s duty, when he went to sleep on Wednesday night, the light went off. It was cut like this three to four times in the night. When the child woke up, he could not sleep the whole night. Had a headache, he did not go to office the next day. Sandeep Kumar, who lives here, said that within 24 hours, the electricity department was called several times, but the phone did not pick up even once. Which caused a lot of trouble.

There is no electricity for two days all night
In Officer City-2 Society of Rajnagar Extension, the light is cut off at night for the last two days. The generator also shuts down due to not taking load in between. The people of the society roamed the streets on Wednesday night to get the electricity system repaired. Sometimes they went to the office of the electricity department and sometimes to the maintenance team of the society, but nothing happened.

Suddenly the heat has increased, so every house has AC. This has increased the load. The fault is coming at the weak points due to sudden increase in load. Under normal circumstances, these weak points are not known. Due to this there is a cut, but it is slowly being fixed. Things will be back to normal in a day or two.

Pankaj, Chief Engineer, Electrical Department

On Thursday, the people of the society demonstrated in the collectorate and demanded that the electricity supply of the society should be repaired. Manjeev, who lives here, told that the officials of the electricity department say that it is an internal fault, while the maintenance team of the society is not considering it as an internal fault. In the midst of all this, we have been grinding for two days.

Most cuts in these areas
Rajnagar, Kavinagar, Sanjaynagar, Kamla Nehrunagar, Gandhinagar, Shastrinagar, Jeevan Vihar, Nehru Nagar, Ghantaghar, Ambedkar Road, Turabnagar, Maliwada, Ramnagar, Railway Colony, Vijaynagar, Pratap Vihar, Lohianagar, Aryanagar, Hardev Sahai, Rajnagar Extension, Sevanagar, There is a cut of about 4 to 5 hours in the colonies like Madhepura, Bhud Bharat Nagar etc.


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